Chef preparing ramen noodles

Best Places to Get Ramen in Shinjuku

Ramen (ラーメン) is synonymous with Japan and has caught the world by storm. Its delicious broth takes hours to make, along with all the other ingredients when put together, makes one hearty and mouthwatering dish. Ramen was originally from China and was brought to Japan by Chinese immigrants during the Meiji Period. It was initially made with Chinese noodles in broth, topped with Chinese-style pork. Over the years, traditional aspects of Japanese cooking and taste have made their ramen unique.

Chef making ramen noodles

Chef making ramen noodles.

Check out some of the ramen places to try in Shinjuku, close to where the KCP campus is located.

Bushikotsumen Taizō –  conveniently located near KCP’s Kasai dorm it is a favorite eating spot for many KCP students.

KCP Academic Year 2017 student Siena Rose’s take on Bushikotsumen Taizō:  “Bushikotsumen Taizō is a nice place to come for ramen if you live in the Kasai dorm. It’s extremely close to the dorm (a couple minutes’ walk). The ramen restaurant is to the right of the Y’s Mart (the grocery store closest to the dorm). The gyoza are fairly good and the ramen is tasty as well! The ramen has a thick rich broth with fish and various other things added to it. This is a great place to come alone, or with friends.”

Ichiran ramen

Ichiran is one of Japan’s most famous chains, specializing in a spicy tonkotsu ramen.

Ichiran – is a very well-known Tonkotsu (pork-based broth) ramen restaurants in Japan. The beginnings of the popular chain restaurant began in Fukuoka in 1960. It was just a tiny stall named “Futaba Ramen”. In 1966, it was renamed “Ichiran”. In 1993, the first concept store opened and became the foundation for all future Ichiran ramen shop locations. Due to its popularity, Ichiran ventured into the instant ramen niche to let people enjoy the milky sweet broth, smooth and thin noodles and their distinct sauces that makes their ramen so delectable.

Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka –  is located in one of Tokyo’s most popular parks. Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka is known for serving halal and vegan friendly ramen. The restaurant is owned and staffed by Muslims and their menu is simple. It consists of halal ramen, ‘halal spicy ramen’ and vegan ramen in various sizes and toppings.

Ramen Nagi

Ramen Nagi, spicy ramen in tonkotsu soup.

Ramen Nagi – is a chain of ramen restaurants in Tokyo as well as in the USA, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Ramen Nagi is known for using “Niboshi” (dried sardine) stock which gives rich and aromatic flavor. The restaurant uses more than 20 kinds of niboshi to make the perfect blend of soup stock that goes perfectly with their signature noodles and toppings.

Menya Musashi – was named after the legendary samurai renowned for his distinctive “double sword style”, Miyamoto Musashi. Menya Musashi ramen restaurant first opened in Tokyo in 1996 and has since gained a following by many ramen goers in Japan and being praised for creating a new ramen culture. Their ramen offers multiple concepts and tastes that can adapt to suit the locality of the store yet instilling the unique style that is synonymous to the brand. Menya Musashi gives their customers several options of soup bases to suit the any taste preference. Their signature white tonkotsu broth is made in such a way to give its rich and creamy packed with flavor.

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