Busy Ramen shop in Tokyo

Must Try Ramen Spots in Tokyo!


Ramen (ラーメン) is synonymous with Japan and has caught the attention of people from all across the globe, even those with the most discriminating palates. Ramen is a delicious steaming hot bowl of Japanese soup made with Chinese-style wheat noodles. A good ramen consists of a tasty broth that takes hours to make, topped with an assortment of ingredients that vary depending on the type of ramen.

Tokyo has many shops that serve some of the best ramen in the country.  Here are some of the best ramen places to try according to Japan Restaurant Award 2016:

Motenashi Kuroki, 2-15 Kanda-Izumicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

This unassuming ramen is born from the creative talents, gastronomic training, and home grown tastes of Motenashi Kuroki. Kuroki is a trained chef born and raised in Tokyo. His creation of a supposedly simple bowl of noodle soup comes to life in your mouth and delights all the senses.   The shio ramen is offered in two ways, a light version and a hearty version. Chasu (or char siu) pork is simmered for two days for the umami flavour and garnishes are considered to be the most creative.  It’s surely worth a try!

Chef preparing ramen noodles

Tsukemen Michi , 5-28-17 Kameari Katsushika, Tokyo

This ramen shop opened only fairly recently in 2009 but has already gained  a reputation as one of the popular ramen restaurants in Tokyo. Their tsukemen ramen is their most popular for its tonkotsu-based (pork bone) soup. Michi serves their ramen in a unique way by separating the chasu, eggs, menma, and onions on a separate dish. The rich, tasty broth has loyal customers coming back for more!

Menya Itto, 1-4-17 Higashishinkoiwa, Katsushika, Tokyo

Menya Itto’s specialty is the Seafood Tsukemen. The broth is a rich and hearty seafood soup that can be refilled for free. They also have a variety of meat ramen that are just as delicious. Their chasu is delicate and thinly sliced and the ingredients that go into their soup base are so well balanced it’s worth the wait.

Different types of ramen

Yakumo Ramen, 2F, 1-7-2, Ohashi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Yakumo Ramen is discreetly located at the 2nd floor of a building in a residential neighborhood. They are known for their meat wonton noodles in white broth, but they have several ramen options to choose from that won’t disappoint. Each ingredient that goes into each bowl of ramen is meticulously prepared, it’s simply worth looking for the obscure ramen shop.

Koukaibou, Nick Haimu building. 2-13-10 Fukagawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Koukaibou’s Tonkotsu Gyokai ramen is the most popular. The pork bone broth is a perfect medley with all the other ingredients such as the bonito fish flakes. They also offer other types of ramen that are also worth trying.