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Past and present students share their thoughts and experiences on studying in Japan.


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I selected it because I wanted a reputable and intensive program that would take a student who’s no longer affiliated with a college. KCP was the only program I found that satisfied this criteria. It also helped a lot that my friend recommended it.

—Jaking Kong

What I like most about this program is the fact that there are multiple teachers for each class. This enables the students to benefit from each teacher’s style of teaching rather than only being exposed to one. I also like how interactive the classes are.

—Francesca Marino


Get a better picture of KCP students on various learning adventures; from classroom activities to visits to historical sites. Also, get a glimpse of the dorm/homestay life, and the KCP campus and neighborhood.

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Finding your way around Japan and the KCP neighborhood is much easier with a map. For your convenience, here are some to help guide you as you travel. Be sure to check out our virtual tour of the KCP building — a great introduction to our learning space.

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Read the writings of KCP students who share their travels, learnings and everything else from their stay in Japan.

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The overall experience of the trip was enjoyable and widen my views!

Jeffrey from Summer Short 2018

The most interesting aspects the program had for me was the fashion in which the classes were taught. Everything was timely and orderly. All the teachers were outstanding and caring. The material taught was easy and fascinating.

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KCP is a great school that has really accelerated my learning of Japanese.

Matthew from Winter 2016

The program is tough, but incredibly rewarding. There are regular tests but it has really helped solidify everything I have learned so far.

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