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Past and present students share their thoughts and experiences on studying in Japan.


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I highly recommend KCP for its focused and encouraging program. The opportunity to practice speaking and comprehending Japanese during class, in conversation sessions, and in day-to-day life was an invaluable experience for which I am very grateful. KCP’s staff and instructors are nothing but helpful and there is no question that they are dedicated to the dissemination of the Japanese language. 

—Gabriel Wilkinson

I learned not only about Japanese culture but also about Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and Americans. It was interesting to communicate with different cultures and to learn something new.

—Sigute Bacinskaite


Get a better picture of KCP students on various learning adventures; from classroom activities to visits to historical sites. Also, get a glimpse of the dorm/homestay life, and the KCP campus and neighborhood.

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Finding your way around Japan and the KCP neighborhood is much easier with a map. For your convenience, here are some to help guide you as you travel. Be sure to check out our virtual tour of the KCP building — a great introduction to our learning space.

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Read the writings of KCP students who share their travels, learnings and everything else from their stay in Japan.

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I think KCP is definitely one of the best options a student can choose for a study abroad program in Tokyo.

Catrin from Fall 2014

The program throws us right into the Japanese language and living so we have the best chance at success. The staff is friendly and go above and beyond to help you understand class material, see how you are adjusting to life in Japan, and help you outside of class with anything you need.

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My class was very interactive and the teachers had us communicating all the time. Working with classmates was enjoyable.

Kelly from Fall 2016

The most interesting aspect of this program is how intensive everything is and how much assistance you receive with all of the staff. I have never had so much care from a staff ever. They were wonderful people and one of the reasons I would return to the program and recommend it to others.

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