Exterior of Lotteria Restaurant Near KCP International Japanese Language School

KCP Winter 2018 Student Siena Rose Shares her Insights on Lotteria Restaurant

Japanese food has distinct flavors and dishes in Japan that are derived from the Western world are often given a Japanese twist. The most prominent assimilation into the Japanese culture are wheat and beef.

World War II triggered a nationwide food shortage in Japan and when the war ended in 1945, Japan was in desperate need of aid. Other countries responded and offered food supplies which included flour. While the Japanese welcomed Western ingredients, they however added their own style to Western recipes. Japanese hamburgers and French fries taste uniquely different from their Western counterparts.

Siena in front of Lotteria.

Lotteria is a restaurant fast food chain originating in Tokyo, Japan. The first branch opened in September 1972 with its name derived from its parent company, Lotte, a Korean-Japanese conglomerate. Lotteria’s menu includes typical Western fast food items such as burgers, fried potatoes, chicken wings, fried chicken, and chicken fingers.

Here’s the area where you’ll place your order at Lotteria.

KCP Winter 2018 student Siena Rose reviews Lotteria Restaurant:

“Lotteria is an awesome place to come for a burger and fries! I like to think of it as a Japanese version of McDonald’s (even though Japan also has McDonald’s) The burger I got was very tasty, and the food overall has been good the few times I’ve visited. There are tables for you and friends or classmates, and a bar area with plugs where you can plug in your phone. Overall, I would give Lotteria a 3.5/5★.”

Here is the menu. I really love that they have pictures of everything so if your Japanese isn’t the best, you can still point to what you’d like.

Here’s my full meal. I got a Teriyaki burger, fries, ginger ale, and a side of chicken sticks.

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