Around Kasai

On the eastern side of Tokyo, lies Kasai. It’s the last stop before Chiba and is in between the Arakawa River, Edo River and Tokyo Bay.

Ferris wheel at Kasai Rinkai Park. | KCP Flickr

Kasai is the preferred residential area for many Japanese for its affordability and great destinations.

Kasai has many attractions such as Tokyo DisneySea (with an overall nautical exploration theme to it), Kasairinkai Park (aside from the famous Ferris wheel and other rides,it  has a number of walking trails that crisscross the gardens, lawns and beaches), and Tokyo Sea Life Park (features a huge glass dome, displaying rare marine life collected from the Pacific, Indian Ocean, Atlantic, Arctic and Antarctic).

Tokyo can be quite an expensive place to live in. Kasai can be a refreshing contrast without having to sacrifice any of the sights! There are numerous shopping malls and Little India are some of the best places to bargain shop.

KCP students at Disney Sea. |KCP Flickr

Some must visit places also include “Spice Magic Calcutta” which is the longest running restaurant in the Kasai area while Sawgat Indian Bazaar has all the Indian spices you could ever dream of finding for every type of use. The Nishi Kasai and Kasai stations on the Tozai Line and Kasai Rinkai Koen Station on the JR Keiyo Line are all within the greater Kasai area.

KCP also offers dormitory lodgings when attending the school. The dorm is ideal for students who desire greater freedom and independence. Dorm students receive a local transportation pass between lodging and school.

KCP dorm room. | KCP Flickr

The pass, included in the program cost, is for use on days when class is in session. KCP has dormitories located in the Kasai area with all the amenities and creature comforts of home. The dorms are also a convenient commute to the KCP campus in Shinjuku.

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