Useful Links to Get you Started

Useful Links

These websites may prove useful as you explore study in Japan.

Japan Information Network

A fun approach to a guide. Lots of current information. Access, atlas, virtual museum, Japan insight, trends in Japan, kids web Japan, statistics, directory, regions and cities, Japan web navigator, nipponia, the Japan of today, puzzle Japan.

STA Travel

STA Travel will allow you to book your travel needs online or over the phone. STA tries to offer value travel services to students including low prices, flexible tickets, flight services, and express delivery.

Lonely Planet Tokyo and Lonely Planet Japan

Full of fast facts about the country and the city. Lots of useful information such as when to go, attractions, costs, off the beaten path, activities, history, culture, getting around.

KCP Flickr

Japan National Tourist Organization

A graceful site, the official venue of the Japan National Tourist Organization. Includes essential information, facts about Japan, maps, accommodations, eating out, regional travel plans.

Working in Japan

The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan has a lively site showing news, and Chamber events.

Teaching English in Japan

Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) programme invites young college and university graduates from overseas to participate in international exchange and foreign language education. Positions include Assistant Language Teacher, Coordinator for International Relations, and Sports Exchange Advisor.


Offers a large collection of information on culture, life, tourism, travel, hotels, jobs, news, entertainment, disseminated via photos, entertainment, penfriends, cartoons, shopping.

Visa and Other Official Issues

The official Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs site explains the visa policy comprehensively and clearly. A must if you plan to stay in Japan more than one semester.

CIA World Factbook

A good source of general-interest information and statistics on Japan. Categories include background, geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues. Need to know the names of all the prefectures? How many websites Japan hosts? Life expectancy?

Yen exchange site 

The Universal Currency Converter accepts any amount, and converts it from any currency to any currency—fast! Exchange rates are updated every second.

Expat Forum Japan

If you are looking for expert recommendations and advices about living in Japan, then this site is a must see. Meet people and learn from expats through this forum. Feel free to ask questions and expect relevant answers from expats who have stayed or are currently staying in Japan.

TripAdvisor Japan

A good, comprehensive collection  the top consumer rated hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals, things to do, and restaurants. Learn from people who have experienced the places themselves and discover their stories. Know the best menus in town and the best excursions in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Your ultimate guide to Japanese cuisine and eating out in Japan. Fabulous recipes, Japanese market tours, and restaurant reviews; brace yourself for an exciting culinary ride. If you are one big sushi fan, Bento is a great resource.

At Home in Japan

At Home in Japan: What No One Tells You, by Dr. Jane Bachnik, is a web-based interactive tutorial that focuses on Japanese culture and society, and how it can be interpreted by visitors to Japan. It offers a wealth of information pertaining to cross-cultural communication which you can find useful during your stay in Japan.