I like the fast paced, but in-depth way the teachers went through each of the lessons.

Yalimar from Summer Short 2015

What were the most productive and interesting aspects of the program for you? The least interesting and productive?

I like the fast paced, but in-depth way the teachers went through each of the lessons. I felt like I learned so much in my short 2 months here; much more than I have learned in 2 years of Japanese classes at my home university.

What activities or materials did you find most helpful (e.g., pair work, drill practice, tests, small group sessions, textbooks, games)?

Drill practice and textbooks most helpful. Also designated worksheets that required fill in the blank I thought were very helpful

Any further thoughts or tips for those considering the program or new KCP students?

I think the program is a very good program and it does exactly what it you want; you will DEFINITELY get better at Japanese. The classes are really well structured and the teachers are equally well prepared and really pleasant to be around. However, if your aim is to explore Japan after class or on the weekend I would go for a program that's not as rigorous or intense. The teachers and the students who attend KCP are very serious about Japanese study and this program is not for the casual learner. I would recommend this program for those who are serious about living, working or going to a Japanese university in Japan and are willing to spend most of their day on Japanese learning. These are the people that will get the most of out of this program and the way it is set up.

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I love that the school is in the heart of Tokyo and that all the classes are in Japanese. Since the classes are taught only in Japanese it pushes me to study more.

—Alice Hoglund