KCP Students’ Restaurant Review of Burger Kitchen CHATTY CHATTY

CHATTY CHATTY, or Burger Kitchen CHATTY CHATTY, is nestled right around the corner from the KCP campus and north of Shinjuku Gyoen National Park. It’s a small food joint with remarkably great food.

CHATTY CHATTY is a favorite haunt for many KCP students because of its close proximity to the school and the delicious and gigantic burgers, hot fries, and milkshakes, among other things that remind American students of good old Western comfort food with matching Western-sized portions. The restaurant is immaculately clean, seats 20, with minimal yet efficient staff.

Here are a couple reviews on CHATTY CHATTY by our KCP students:

Holly Westbrook, Winter 2018 student:

“This restaurant is right around the corner from KCP and it has the best burger I’ve had in Tokyo so far. It’s called Chatty Chatty. The food here is yummy and it’s a great spot to spend time with friends and classmates. It is a little pricier than your typical “cheap” meal in Tokyo, but you’ll spend between 1500-2000 yen. I believe the cost is worth it.

The burger is gigantic and delicious. Warning: it’s delicious but messy! You may need to wash your hands/face after eating this meal.”

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Siena Rose, Winter 2018 student:

“Chatty Chatty is a nice place to go if you’re craving a nice burger, fries, or shake! This is the closest I’ve found to an American burger in Japan. The lighting inside makes for a nice chill atmosphere for lunch or dinner after class, or even on the weekend. The staff is nice and you have a nice view of the cooks preparing the food. My only issue(s) are that the meat is seasoned with quite a bit of pepper, so that’s something to be aware of, and every time I’ve ordered a burger, they’re a tad heavy with the lettuce. I’ve never asked for them to put less, so I can’t really complain. Other than that, I think this restaurant is a nice place to go with friends or classmates! And it’s only a few minutes walk away from KCP. I would rate Chatty Chatty a 4/5★.”

Here’s me in front of the restaurant. I personally think the front looks cute. There’s a place you can order take out if you’d like.

I decided that the Poutine Burger and Fries looked good so that’s what I ordered! (I also got an egg added to the burger.)

Here’s the drinks/dessert menu. A nice selection! This is the only place in all of Tokyo that I’ve been to that I’ve seen Root Beer. It’s a rare find!

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